Silke Lapina


German studies professor Dr. Jakob Maché worked at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. In 2016 he invited different artists to offer an exchange program for his students. I was happy to be part of this adventure and contributed with workshops (photography; meditation) and exhibited photos at the Deutsches Haus Ile-Ife.

The photos have been exhibited in different places:

2018 – „Nigeria in DUB” Michael Schmacke & Silke Lapina at PremArts, Berlin

2016 – „#SPREADTHELOVE” Solo Exhibiton at Weindealer, Hamburg

2016 – „How to be brave” Solo Exhibition at Deutsches Haus Ile-Ife, Nigeria

#oneworld ✌️🌍❤️

2016-08_2_Nigeria_2007-1 Kopie.jpg
2016-08_Nigeria_0314 als Smartobjekt-1.jpeg
2016-08_2_Nigeria_1582 als Smartobjekt-1 Kopie.jpg